We don’t just photograph your house, we showcase your home.
April 30, 2016

‘We are looking for something different, something fresh. So we came to you’


We hear it all the time, as another call comes into the office from a potential client ‘We are looking for something different, something fresh. So we came to you.


What we do is very different from the standard property photography you see everywhere.  We do not look at a house as being merely bricks and mortar, to us it is far more than that. A home has a life, it has emotion and it has a history, it can tell a story. It is our mission to capture all of these elements to show any potential buyer an impression of what life could be for them within that space. Our images build thoughts of aspirations, plans for the future, somewhere safe and warm to come back to after a hard day.


Creating images isn’t just a visual process, the first step is listening to the client. What is it the current owner loves about the house? They’ve created a life they love within those walls and it’s so important to pass that impression and emotion on to potential buyers.


A bench in a garden for example more often than not hasn’t just been placed there because someone needed to fill a gap. If you walk over to it  you get to see what the current owners sees. That’s the thing, we find the best angle, we find the best view to tell the story.


We capture solid objects brought to life by their surroundings. We use objects like the bench to guide a viewers eye towards what we really want them to see.
Call it ‘feature’ or ‘lifestyle’ more and more agents, home owners and developers are commissioning us as this is our specialty, it’s what we do best, it sets us apart from our competitors. It’s quite simply our style.